Statement of Dedication to ESG

Our dedication to a sustainable, environmental, social and governance policy reflects our commitment to an economic system, a business model and corporate identity aiming at creating “benefits for all”. We integrate purpose and non-financial capital aspects in a value creation process, with the objective of going well beyond financial performance. It is based on purpose and values: we believe that this sustainable and responsible approach to business is a decisive factor determining the long-term success of our company. We uphold high standards and values so that we can maintain and strengthen our reputation for integrity and measured risk-taking.

To this end, we promote concrete initiatives which improve both communities’ and people’s well-being. We place particular emphasis on a strict policy for player protection and responsible gambling, which are at the center of a sustainable lottery business.

Our governance is inspired by ethical business practices (ensuring compliance with data protection and anti-money laundering, whistle-blowing, anti-corruption and anti-bribery legal requirements, following international best practices and certifications). We also adopt  internal policies to support the fight against climate change.