Our strategy 



Digital and data

  • Continue to  increase regulated  mobile and digital  presence
  • Cross- and up-sell  to existing  customers  leveraging brands  and data
  • Deanonymise  physical retail  channel, e.g. through loyalty  schemes


Product Innovation

  • Offer a full range  of best in class  products
  • New lottery  games and  complementary  products
  • Apply best  practices across  our geographies



Operational  efficiency

  • Focus on cashflow generation
  • Purchasing, marketing and cost synergies
  • Cost optimisation rogrammes
  • Performance oriented culture  throughout our  business

Inorganic growth

  • Grow stakes in  existing  businesses
  • Selective bolt on and strategic  acquisitions in lottery and iGaming
  • Privatisations and tenders


  • Responsible  gaming as a  guiding principle  and prerequisite  for success
  • Best practices in CSR supporting  sport, culture and health in our  communities
  • Protecting the  environment and  driving diversity &  inclusion,  empowering  employees