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We are a leading multi-national lottery operator

We operate lotteries in multiple European countries, including most of the countries where lotteries are privately operated. We primarily focus on lotteries, including draw-based and instant-win lottery games, and distribute our products through both physical retail and online channels. Through our 64,000 points of sale and digital platforms, we serve markets with a total adult population of over 91 million. We leverage our strong lottery brands, large customer base and extensive physical retail and online distribution networks to provide other entertainment offerings, including sports betting, online instant-win games, iGaming and VLTs. We are based in Luzern, Switzerland, and controlled by KKCG, a multinational investment group specializing in long-term actively-managed investments.

Our key markets are Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and Italy where we operate under long-term and, in many cases, exclusive licenses and concessions. Substantially all our gaming activities are regulated. In all of the countries in which we operate, we benefit from iconic and long-established brands, reflecting a long history of our operations. Our experience of operating in different jurisdictions enables us to adopt a differentiated approach to customer experience in each market, leveraging best practices and expertise in marketing and CRM, product innovation, responsible gaming, technology and purchasing.

We aim to be the innovation leader not only in the European lottery market, but also in the world lottery market, by being one step ahead of the competition in developing future solutions that seamlessly connect our traditional retail outlets with online cutting-edge digital channels.


We are committed to the highest standards of responsible gaming

We uphold the highest standards of player protection throughout our operations. All our operations have been awarded the highest level of responsible gaming certification by the World Lottery Association and the European Lottery Association. We take proactive steps to secure player protection. We seek to make gaming and betting safer for everyone and to lead by example across the global lottery market. To that end, our responsible gaming strategy focuses on three key pillars: (i) create a safe environment for our players, (ii) protect minors and other vulnerable groups, and (iii) educate the general public.

We have a long track record of making a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials establish a positive dynamic with key stakeholders including governments, regulators and civil society groups as well as a positive perception among the general population. Our businesses undertake many high-profile CSR and sponsorship activities ranging from financing a renovation of children’s hospitals in Greece to promoting sport in Czech schools.


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