Our purpose: Making play better for all

Harness talent and technology to change perceptions of what is possible in lotteries and casual gaming entertainment.


To be a trusted and proactive guardian of all that is good in lotteries and casual gaming entertainment.

Changing lives….a little or a lot…but always for the better.


To be a leading global lottery-led entertainment platform by making gaming better for all.

Focus on growth

High performance teams

Allwyn’s local focus supported by international expertise expands skills and career development across the platform, providing attractive scope for talent growth.


Expansion of our lottery games portfolio, iGaming and sports betting.


Transforming our CRM, making games more engaging, relevant (locally and to good causes) and safer with digital creating a seamless experience with retail through deanonymization.


Digitally and operationally driven.

Gaming safety

Pioneering new approaches to the enhancement of safer gaming as an Allwyn-wide global ESG initiative.

Inorganic growth

We have a strong track record of acquiring businesses with attractive potential. We create value by improving their performance and applying our operating techniques.

Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Giving back’ is part of our people’s DNA and we harness that passion in two ways: firstly, we drive greater returns for good causes from the lotteries we run as one of Europe’s leading lottery operators. Secondly, we supplement those efforts with CSR projects funded directly by Allwyn, helping those same motivated colleagues to give back further.

We like to support the communities in which we operate, with strong local Allwyn brands helping good causes in health, sport, the economy, COVID-19 care and more.

We’ve helped Austrian children become more physically active through CASAG’s motion4kids initiative, while LOTTO ITALIA has restored heritage sites in Italy. 150,000 children take part annually in Sazka’s Olympic muti-contest in the Czech Republic. In Greece, OPAP has conducted a regular programme of children’s hospital renovations since 2014 and COVID-19 care projects have spanned the network.

Environment, Social and Governance

While our CSR activities tend to be local, ESG ensures that we operate globally as an ethical and sustainable company against the filters of environment, social and governance. From our leadership to our 6,000+ employees, the themes explored are embraced uniformly everywhere.

We see governance as good business practice and review our progress there relentlessly. Examples span from comprehensive anti-bribery and anti-money laundering compliance systems to continuous external auditing of our information security and data protection since 2009.

Environmental sustainability impacts our building designs and operational practices. Diesel usage for our vehicle fleet is reducing and we are accelerating the provision of charging points for electric cars. Electricity usage is also down thanks to smart lighting and heating and even lift shafts recovering energy while the roofs above them capture water to feed plants bringing life inside our offices.

Finally, we value, hire, and protect talent and provide equal opportunity for its development.

Learn more from our most recent ESG Report.

Safer play

We work diligently to prevent player harm as a company focused on delivering good for all. We target the following activities:

  • Design. A risk-based design approach for games’ potential impact on player behaviour along with branding, marketing, and distribution strategies.
  • Digital. Knowing and learning from our customers online and across our 64,000+ POS opportunities to play
  • Dialogue. Using digital generated warning of potentially problematic behaviour to intervene with and educate players towards safer playing in real time.
  • Accreditation. Working globally to retain our Level 4 Certification, the highest provided by the World Lottery Association and other local responsible standards.
  • Investment. From our board down to our 6,000+ employees we give time and funding for training, internal and external consultancy as well as safety related product development.