SAZKA Group received the Lottery Operator of the Year award

6 February 2020

AZKA Group CEO, Robert Chvatal, commented: “It’s an undisputed testament to our efforts to keep lotteries modern and attractive. We are excited that SAZKA Group’s laser focus on customers, lottery innovation, digital growth and responsible gaming has been appreciated.”

Gaming Intelligence said: “The European company’s continued focus on innovation and digital growth means they dominate the lottery category this year. On a strong shortlist, SAZKA Group stands out.”

Gaming Intelligence 2020 Awards, the "Lottery Operator of the Year” category:

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About SAZKA Group

SAZKA Group is one of the largest pan-European lottery operators supported by iconic and long-established brands and a long history of operations in the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, Austria and Italy. 100% of its gaming activities are regulated. SAZKA Group’s businesses operate under long-term and, in many cases, exclusive licenses and concessions, which have allowed them to enjoy leading and, in many cases, exclusive positions in all the markets in which they are present. SAZKA Group is strongly committed to responsible gaming principles, the protection of its customers and corporate social responsibility.

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