SAZKA Group’s Senior Unsecured Notes SG 5.20/2024: Results of Subscription

23 September 2019

The subscription period for the 5-year Senior Unsecured Notes SG 5.20/2024 has come to a successful end. The Notes were subscribed for in the maximum amount of CZK 6,000,000,000.

Peter Stohr, SAZKA Group’s Chief Financial Officer, said: “We are very pleased that our bond attracted such significant interest from both retail and institutional investors, with the bond way oversubscribed even following the increase in value of the Notes to CZK 6 billion. Such interest is a clear endorsement of the stability of the business as well as our responsible and proven growth strategy.”

Starting today, the Notes are listed and traded on the Prague Stock Exchange under the following ISIN: CZ0003522930.

The Prospectus can be found at and on the website of the Coordinator at in the section Important Information – Issuance of Securities. This announcement has been published in the same manner as the Prospectus and it cannot be read separately, but only together with the Prospectus (and its potential appendices). Additional information will be published in line with regulatory requirements at

Description of the Issuer

The bonds are issued by SAZKA Group, a.s., founded to hold, finance and manage stakes in lottery and gaming companies of the Group. The Issuer is owned by KKCG AG, indirectly controlled by Mr. Karel Komárek. SAZKA Group was established in 2012 and it is one of the largest European lottery and gaming groups. It is the sole shareholder of SAZKA a.s., a Czech lottery company, and it holds a significant stake in OPAP, a Greece-based dominant lottery company, which is also present in Cyprus, and an almost 38.16% stake in CASAG, controlling Österreichische Lotterien. The latter is the exclusive operator of lotteries, casinos and online games in Austria. In Italy, the Group is present through a 32.50% stake in LOTTOITALIA, an operator of the Lotto numerical lottery and the new, successful 10eLotto game. SAZKA Group generates 100% of its income in regulated markets, operating all its lotteries, gaming activities and sports betting through government-issued licences and concessions, most of which are exclusive and long term. Companies in the group operate traditional brads and have an extensive sales network with over 63,000 points of sale and 6,000 employees. The Group does not own the POS and the business model is therefore asset-light. SAZKA Group is fully committed to responsible gaming principles, the protection of its customers and corporate social responsibility.

Note to Editors

The SAZKA Group is one of the fastest growing European lottery companies with household brands in Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, and Italy. Almost €18bn worth of wagers were placed with our companies in 2018. Our primary focus is on lotteries with a secondary focus on digital and sports betting. We hold leading positions in each market supported by iconic, trusted brands and unrivalled distribution networks with 63 thousand points of sale. The SAZKA Group is strongly committed to responsible gaming, player protection and corporate social responsibility.

Investor and Media contact

Radek Nemecek

T: +420 727 982 885

E: [email protected]

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