The Future of Lottery: A Game for Change Report

3 April 2024

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Foreword by Robert Chvátal

Our experience of running lotteries for the last decade tells us that our business is constantly evolving and growing stronger. Our success to date is because we keep meeting the needs and expectations of both current and new customers. We aim to ensure that this will continue in the future.

Because it is the future that we are focused on. With technology moving faster than anyone could have predicted, be it AI or the metaverse, how our customers interact with us and play lotteries will continue to evolve and we as a business need to keep innovating to serve them and our broader stakeholders.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the Future Laboratory to create this report The Future of Lottery : A Game for Change. It explores a number of themes that are important to us as a business, such as how to engage players through new platforms whilst keeping them safe.

These themes don’t just matter to us at Allwyn, they matter to regulators, governments and society.

And, whilst not every prediction or recommendation in this report will come to pass, and the findings should not be interpreted as a plan for any specific Allwyn operated lottery, this report will act as a catalyst for us at Allwyn to keep innovating and evolving our products to meet the demands of a new generation of players, delivering successful lotteries, and returning more money to governments and good causes in every market in which we operate.

I believe this report is a valuable contribution to inform how we and the wider lottery and gaming community prepare for tomorrow’s world, and I’m excited to work with my colleagues within Allwyn on our own journey to build better lotteries well into the future.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Chvátal, Chief Executive Officer

Download The Future of Lottery: A Game for Change Report below.

Relation to Allwyn operations

This report is the produce of a collaboration between The Future Laboratory and Allwyn. The report analyses broad consumer, technology and societal trends to offer possible considerations as to what these trends mean for the global lottery sector. These considerations may or may not be realised. The trends, findings, and possibilities uncovered in this report do not relate to any one Allwyn operation, in any market. For the avoidance of doubt, this report should not be interpreted as relating to the future plans for the Fourth National Lottery Licence in the UK.

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